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She looks sorrowful, or perhaps fretful, or perhaps stoic, or even perhaps simply sour-faced, though her straitlaced Puritan primness is subtly undermined by an escaping coil of hair at the nape of her neck.

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While this deceptively simple portrait has clearly captured the imagination of the nation, the story behind its creation and rise to fame makes it all the more compelling. For the highly detailed and polished style and the rigid frontality of the two figures, it is believed Wood was influenced by Flemish Renaissance art, which he studied during his earlier travels to Europe. This was the one American art movement that came from, and identified with, the midwestern heartland, rather than the east coast or California. America has been a haven for unity and freedom for decades. But in fact Wood created American Gothic as an affirmative statement about traditional American values: as an act of reassurance just as the Great Depression was beginning to bite. Wood must have learnt all about plein-air painting in Paris, but the couple in American Gothic were painted separately, and neither sitter was painted in front of the house. Wood was quoted in this period as stating, "All the good ideas I've ever had came to me while I was milking a cow. The close-packed bodies of the 19th-century farmer and his spinster daughter played by Nan and McKeeby form a wall between us and the white wooden house. He found the house interesting and, according to his brother, may have sketched it during this first encounter with the house.

Like the Mona Lisa, it remains an enigmatic composition, but one which has become an icon of American art of the 20th century as well as one of the greatest paintings of Midwest Americana.

Through popular music, art, film, and literature, we can discern that American identity is influenced by what we see on TV, movies, art work and, music.

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Even the title is ambiguous. One feels this strange architecture might have inspired the painting - as if, seeing the house, Wood had wondered about its original inhabitants.

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The woman wears a black dress beneath her apron, and glances away as if holding back tears. That pointed medieval-style window suggests to some viewers a church; indeed, were it not for the potted plants on the porch and the decorative blind, we might mistake it for a house of the Lord.

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Her collar is white and is adorned with a small pendant. The highly detailed style and rigid frontal arrangement of the figures were inspired by Northern Renaissance art, which the artist studied during three trips to Europe.

Distinguishing features: They are keeping us out of their world rather than showing it off.

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Its meaning has shifted over the years. How to Appreciate Paintings. TV and movies can also help influence people they can inspire someone to become a better person, take action and unite people to come together. Friends of American Art Collection. Byron McKeeby pose beside American Gothic, via wendycity. However, despite confronting us directly, the characters remain difficult to read. Such exploits in reducing the cost of building supplies led to reducing the cost of building and advancing building techniques.
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Grant Wood’s "American Gothic" Essay