Case study on lehar kukure

It was this irrepressible, loud, desi brand that was affordable. But that could not be managed. That's what some of the progressive Indian brands are attempting to do and Kurkure alongside Idea and perhaps Tata Tea are a few of the frontrunners.

Hear the crunch Though Kurkure created a new space in the market, the larger challenge for the company was to get the customers hooked to its unusually shape and crunchy texture.

While Kurkure offers products at different prices, the company has not focused much on product packaging.

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The embracing of the unusual and the imperfect as a brand philosophy seems to be an opportunity. The brand created excitement with its own versions of Desi Beats in Take for instance, this Kurkure plastic lies which says Kurkure has plastic and burns likeplastic when all of us know that plastic is not casr.

The brand created excitement with its own versions of Desi Beats in The company by then had clearly delineated between Lays and Kurkure brands.

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The highlighting of the demand driver of crispness in its sound and layering the product uniqueness level through the spicily defiant 'tedhapan' remarkable evolution. When any carbohydrate snack like gol gappas, matharees andnamkeens is burnt, it burns the same way like Kurkure burns.

Unassisted nuclear family parenting in competitive high growth societies has turned hyper and is causing substantial parent-child relationship trauma. Consumers prefer products that are healthy and environment-friendly.

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Brand WAR (Lays and Bingo Case Study by PGCBM, XLRi)