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The guilt that Eveline feels forces her to make choices that trap her into a pitiful existence. The story is about a difficult childhood full of pain. Eveline alone asks herself if it is wise to leave. Furthermore, her father was no longer responsible to the family given that he used to squander his money, so she had to work extra harder to be able to provide food on the table for the family together with little support from Harry. As opposed to her father, Frank offers her a better and happier life with him. Her life is full of ups and downs. In James Joyce's "Eveline," the family structure is important in the decision making abilities Eveline possesses. The female persona in Spera's "My Ex-Husband" finds the strength to stand up for herself and her beliefs when faced with a cheating spouse When her father and Frank had a squabble, Eveline has to meet Frank secretly, which makes Eveline think of her relationship with Frank in a more romantic and exciting way. Often, it is men who are given dominance while the women are deprived of owning such superiority; this is called a patriarchal society. Perhaps this was a premonition: after having experienced the pleasure of running away with Frank, Eveline would surely feel pain afterwards. Despite her sad reality, Eveline was full of hope that better days would come and her existence would improve.

Despite her sad reality, Eveline was full of hope that better days would come and her existence would improve. To understand Eveline's final decision to stay we have to analyze the reasons that prevent Eveline from pursuing a better life.

If she would have left her home, her family would have been worried of her where about and the experience would have turned out to be fatal especially to her old father.

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At the end of the story, as much as many of us would have wanted Eveline to leave behind her depressing life in search of love, we find that there is a real element to her situation. She thinks that at her home she has "shelter and food; she had those whom she had known all her life. In society, the idea of order has a lot more positive connotation than hazard When she meets him at the station and they are set to boars the ship, Eveline suddenly decides she cannot go with Frank because "he would drown her" in "all the seas of the world" Hacker Two themes dominate the story: everything good must end, and it is the victim of abuse that often feels guilt. Eveline is the image of a girl's failure to become a woman. This irresponsible act would make him violent and irrational. Because Eveline's father does not like Frank, he prohibits her to continue seeing him. Tied down by her past, she struggles to better herself when the opportunity arises. Instead, she decides to stay in the dreary and gloomy life she already knows. In conclusion Eveline chooses the "odour of dusty cretonne" over a new, but unknown life because the reasons for staying slightly overwhelm the reasons for leaving. Eveline is nineteen years old, yet she is afraid of her father.

How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. She saw that Frank would give her love and security.

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Her life is full of ups and downs. It was her mother letting her know it was not wise to abandon her family and to put her own pleasure ahead of her family that is dependent on her.

Eveline also has to support the mistreatments of her abusive father even when she is asking him for money to buy groceries.

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