Influence of broken homes on children academic performance

Effect of family size on child performance

Research Questions i. The Counselor 17 1 , He said that as income raises individuals may choose to increase the average quality and reduce quantity while correlation between income and family size is clear. However, the advent of broken homes have distorted these complementary roles. Erickson, E. Insufficient fund, limited time and, some students were reluctant to respond to checklist due to its social inclination are also part of the problems encountered by the researcher. While single-parenthood can be defined as when one out of two people who are responsible for bearing and as such nurturing the child is not available and the work meant for two parents, is now been carried out by only one parent, according to the Longman dictionary of contemporary English, single-parenting, is defined as a mother or father who looks after children on their own, without the other partner. They have been trained not to belong to a single man throughout their life time. It relates a study to existing ideas or principle. However, this may not be completely applicable in all instances of broken homes.

Despite the fact that society and people are at the receiving end of the disastrous effects of broken homes, yet some couples seek divorce in courts while many simply dissolve their marriage or union silently and unceremoniously. Although research results vary widely the following conclusions have been drawn.

Influence of broken homes on children academic performance

Okoye, J. They also lag behind in language and communication development. It is therefore persistent that a timely study be carried out in order to give useful suggestions and recommendation to teachers on how to help such unfortunate children to learn properly in school so that they can come out with a good academic performance in school for themselves and be useful to the society as well. Johnson asserts that children from divorced families often fail and are at a risk emotionally. They have been trained not to belong to a single man throughout their life time. Items dealt with the effects of adolescents whose parents are separated on academic performance, items gathered information on adolescents gender difference on academic achievement, items were concerned on the influence of parental socio- economic status of the adolescents on academic performance and items measured the effects of broken homes on academic performance of the adolescents. Salami, B. In addition, they have more appropriate knowledge about academic needs of their children thus the children coming from well to do homes will have an advantage in learning due to prior and continuous experience resulting from the opportunities provided in their privileged circumstances. Broken homes could cause the children to feel isolation and humpies, hence, they are frustrated and psychologically disturbed even when they are in classroom. Search Institute Insights Evidence. Stephen, p. The researcher is therefore eager to find out what exactly are the causes of the poor performance of children in their school learning. It implies that there is significant difference between Socio Economic Status and Academic performance of the adolescents. Single Parenting:Akintayo referred to single parent family as a broken home she describes single family as a condition where either the man, woman takes care of children alone 4 without the help of the second party or parties Akintayo said and explained further that single families have become permanent and noticeable feature in many societies today throughout the world. There is significant relationship between broken homes and Academic Performance.

There is the argument that the phenomena of house maids may lead to broken home if the wife is in the high society class and is offer way from home the poor husband may be tempted to have fun with the maid aid this could lead to divorce.

Children differ greatly in their rate of development, one may develop rapidly another much slowly. Calculated value of All these issues are supported by the UNESCO report which reveals concerns for quality education that has dominated the education debate from the early eighties and has remained a central issue in the twenty first century.

Such families are faced with challenges of inadequate financial resources children defense find In the process of growing up, family members develop individual identities but nevertheless remain attached to the family group.

In general, the socio-economic background of the family impacts negatively on the academic performance of the child. Parents should be encouraged to improve their educational standard by engaging in continuous education, sandwich programme and distance learning program.

Piaget has distinguished three stages of social development in children- Egocentric.

effects of growing up in a broken home

Okey, J. Do you feel insecure with you step parent? Amato conducted a quantitative meta-analysis in an effort to bring order to find the relationship between divorce and academic achievement.

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