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The name was taken from Rogers' Rangersa small force famous for their woodcraft that fought in the area during the French and Indian War beginning in From They have been described as a combination of a park ranger and a playworker. In units of the National Park System, law enforcement rangers are the primary police agency.

Search and rescue : the wilderness aspect of many areas of the National Park System offers unique natural hazards for visitors. Firefighting : rangers are often the first to spot wildland fires and are often trained to engage in wild land firefighting ; in some parks, rangers also carry out prescribed fires, and perform structural fire fighting duties.

They also work with other teams in the national park authority, like events, education, planners, field and property workers, and communication teams.

Park ranger

Slowly I was finding what interested me - bats, protecting and improving our special places, physical work and visitor management — an eclectic mix but all with their roots in the great outdoors. Completely eliminating the risk of wildfires is an impossible feat, but park rangers can deploy a number of strategies to mitigate the risk to urban populations. Their duties corresponded in some respects with that of a mounted forester. The job duties of park rangers who work in conjunction with private landowners may include reviewing or negotiating the terms of contracts with forestry companies. Unlike interpretation, education programs include the opportunity to assess learning and designed to meet external standards using the protected resources as the subject. I could be anywhere within the sq mile boundary of the National Park doing any number of tasks. We loved volunteering so much and when summer came round they decided to keep us on and even paid us! The gorillas look as if they're posing for the camera and when Shamavu posted the picture on social media on Saturday it quickly clocked up thousands of likes and comments. This includes obtaining and preserving knowledge about the area. Rangers may provide interpretive programs to visitors intended to foster stewardship of the resources.

These badges were presumably issued to rangers working in the national parks as well as those in the national forests, since both were known as Forest Rangers at that time. In other settings, rangers may have to coordinate with researchers at a nearby major university in order to find solutions to regionally specific problems.

Further information. These individuals are often heavily cross trained in order to allow for a knowledge of all other areas and duties under their authority. From Wikipedia He has worked as a park ranger and is known as an advocate for small-hydro, wind power and other alternative energy sources.

They provide a contact between visitors, local people and the national park authority.

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Bath Spa University campus is beautiful, rivalled only by perhaps Stirling University. Department of the Interior.

From Wikipedia That in order for him to be caught trespassing on national property, it had to be by a national official, not a local park ranger.

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The SLETP, an abbreviated law enforcement training program, was developed in to ensure that temporary park rangers have the appropriate skills and judgement to carry out law enforcement duties. National Park Service in particular, park rangers share a common uniform regardless of work assignment. Although some modern NPS rangers in this specialty "protection rangers" may be primarily engaged in law enforcement duties, the many varied environments they work in may require these employees to be competent in a variety of public safety skills. Rangers are often the first to discover vandalism or weather-related damage to park roads, trails and campgrounds. This goal is accomplished by the professionalism and sometimes overlapping of the different divisions. In some developing countries, the park rangers patrolling natural preserves may be heavily armed and function as paramilitary organizations against organized poachers or even guerrillas. Emergency medical services : rangers are often certified as wilderness first responders , wilderness emergency medical technicians or paramedics.
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